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Year after black widow bite.I discovered "Masonic Kung Fu" on June June 9, 2009. It's hard to believe it has been two years since then. Too bad I can't show all of it to you.

Being a Freemason has been a weird new way to look at human relations. The ideals of modern masonry are really inspiring and spiritual. "CHARITY" is taught to be the highest level of masonic principles. Unfortunately, most masons, are just normal people from LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 of life. They have jobs, watch television, chat on Facebook, and spend a little time with their wife and kids each week...

They aren't the Benjamin Franklins, Paul Reveres, and Knights of Templar--like I want to be.

But there are some good men who are masons. Of course, they were already good men before they became masons. That is actually one of the key phrases that masons use when referring to the goals of freemasonry: "We make good men better."

Kung Fu MasonMasonry has inspired me to be a better person. In a letter I wrote the Grand Secretary of the California masons, I explained how I was already advancing spiritually and had created my own religion, Shaolin Zen. Having been trained in the Carpenter's Union Apprenticeship program, during the 1970s, and having been an architect, and draftsman, I enjoyed relearning the tools of my carpentry trade from a spiritually symbolic perspective.

Which brings me to my newest book, MASONIC KUNG FU, by Richard Del Connor. It's about some Chinese teenagers in China, before WWII. I just got off the phone with my student/disciple Shawn Whitson. I told him I had finally started writing the MASONIC KUNG FU book. I excitedly told him how I hope this book / movie will inspire the world to want to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. Originally, I was hoping to inspire people to be masons, but I've discovered that most masons aren't that excited about being freemasons. So they don't see any reason to try to get other people excited about masonry.

Ironically, the first chapters of this book star Chong Lin and Shao Mei, both 13 years old and very excited to begin their Shaolin Kung Fu training. Last weekend, my son, 13 years old quit my Kung Fu school again. I'm sure it's permanent this time. He told the other students, during the last class he attended, that he'd rather live with his grandfather, and doesn't want me to be his father anymore. (This Sunday will be Father's Day?)

So, I will have to live my Kung Fu family dreams through this book, MASONIC KUNG FU. That is also why I wrote that book last year, HUMAN VALUES FOR SUCCESS IN FAMILY AND BUSINESS. I don't want other people to ruin their lives pursuing unreasonable dreams. It will also reverse the divorce rate in America, Canada, and England.


CD of LEVEL 3Wow. Thanksgiving weekend. My brother gave me a car. A truck.

Wow. I have much to be thankful.

I am thankful for many things.



Many thanks.

Thank you.


Born Rich

Young rich kid, Rich Connor



If my dad would not have laughed everytime he said it, I might have taken him more seriously.

"I named you Rich so you'd always be rich," my dad would laugh.


Coyote LIVE

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1978, I moved into a house, in the Venice Beach barrio on Broadway Blvd. with the rest of my band.

We played local clubs and concert halls and colleges...under the name, "THE RICH."

When I released my first vinyl album, "TEMPTATION," in 1984, I still listed the band name on the album cover, "The Rich."





Now I've got my own record company, Shaolin Records.

I also publish Kung Fu books.

Record Producer, Rich ConnorHere are some links that will help you understand who I am.

Nice meeting you!

Rich Connor


p.s. If you really don't know who I am--


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